From People, for People:

ALNO Values for More Comfort and Quality

Since we began to cook and eat together, new ideas have always progressed and developed to make the kitchen a living space that appeals to all the senses. The ALNO design management has repeatedly set trend-setting accents, which are self-evident in many of today’s kitchens. For many years our distinctive and innovative designs have made an important contribution to the kitchen industry by providing functionality in its most beautiful form.

Thus, our designers not only create kitchens that are individually tailored to the various wishes of their owners, but also create a living space that future generations will also enjoy.



Not only do our kitchens look good, but each one convinces with its functionality and design because with creativity and ideas, rooms can be planned that captivate in an elegant and practical way.


In the same way that there is a lid to fit every pot and pan, there is a storage solution for every object. Whereas smaller items can be accommodated in corner carousel units, the versatile LeMans corner units make the storage of heavy cookware simple and straightforward.

Even bulky objects can be placed out of sight in elegant fashion – whether behind a sliding door or a hinged door – in one of the intelligent ALNO units.

Pocketdoors and the Tandem tall unit opens up unprecedented possibilities when it comes to storing supplies. Alongside the generous storage space in the door shelves, highlights include the intelligent pull-out technology, ...

... whereby the rear shelves automatically come towards the user. Therefore, all supplies are stowed away in an impressively well-organised fashion, making them quick and easy to retrieve.


Everything fits – and fits together. The entire interior comes in high-quality oak that has been smoked using traditional methods. Especially distinctive are the elegant models ...

that stand out due to having no side sections. They go perfectly with the anthracite-coloured mats. The cutlery insert is also available in natural oak with a range of fitting options.

Being ‘top drawer’ means responding to individual requirements. That is why we plan to order – whatever the width, depth and height.

The result is unique inserts and functional inserts in genuine ash, for any drawer and pull-out..

Clear forms create clear structure. Our laminate inserts are tone in tone with the various drawer systems and offer a multitude of potential arrangements.


An ALNO kitchen gives you more. Like more comfort, for instance. The upward-folding and soft-lift doors of our wall units, for example, can be opened using a servomotor. Our base units, on the other hand, can be opened via Tip-On, which means that the opening mechanism is activated by a gentle tap. The pull-outs and drawers can be stopped in any position and closed in the usual manner. This technology is currently offered on three of our ALNO Models.

Whilst the ALPHA option features pull-outs with a square railing on the anthracite-grey side profiles, the PREMIUM model also boasts fitted clear glass. The sleek, closed-unit ELITE drawers and pull-out systems offer metal side panels and an anthracite-grey base.

And even when things aren’t done mechanically or electronically, we always make sure that they are done quietly. That’s because the ALNO hinges in every single one of our doors come with an integrated soft-close system – however large or heavy the door.


In order to create culinary delicacies, you need the finest ingredients, skill and optimum lighting. With this in mind, the built-in illuminated shelves of our wall units shed light wherever they are fitted. Practical and elegant.



The kitchen has become more than just a place to cook. It has become an integral part of our living space and modern life. One should therefore feel comfortable in it and also take into account the architecture of one's own lifestyle as well as personal habits.


One thing always takes centre stage in ALNO kitchens: you. We have therefore developed a system using our modular dimensions that is perfectly tailored to the living space and the height of the individual. Everything is built up according to a system of 130 mm height levels, thus creating plenty of space for functional requirements and individual wishes – whilst still delivering a harmonious overall appearance.

Carcase Height 715 mm

A 5 1/2-tier grid is ideal for older properties, with the resulting carcase height of 715 mm offering ample storage space. Anyone who needs even more space is ideally served by a 6-tier grid.

Carcase Height 780 mm

Choosing a carcase height of 780 mm opens up a wide variety of applications. But ALNO kitchens do more than just create space: they also offer an ergonomic workspace thanks to five different plinth heights.


Whether ample storage space or upward-folding/soft-lift doors to give maximum room for manoeuvre: our wall units do more. On request, they can even be fitted with illuminated shelves to light up the working area.