Imagine a room that is completely designed according to your wishes. What’s great about our kitchen planner: your dream kitchen is no longer just a fantasy. Simply plan at leisure any element in 3D and move around the virtual space in your personally designed kitchen. With the ALNO 3D Kitchen Planner, the sky’s the limit and you can plan all those extras down to the smallest detail.

Explore our kitchen planner.

System requirements:
 - PC / Notebook running Windows7 or higher
 - OPENGL-capable graphics card with 512MB RAM at least
 - 140MB free hard disk space
 - Screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixel at least


Although the use of a kitchen planner tool generally seems complex at first glance it can be easily handled with a little practice.

Of course we are happy to assist you in the use of the kitchen designer software. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

20 things you should know about perfect kitchen planning

Whether storage space, shape or interior: Plan your own individual kitchen according to your own preferences - simple, fast and comfortable. The ALNO kitchen checklist (PDF) helps you get started and leaves nothing to be desired. By answering the questions you gain a concrete picture of the kitchen that suits your personal ideas.

With our kitchen designer tool your kitchen planning becomes an experience

With our kitchen planner your dream kitchen is no longer pure fantasy, but takes shape in front of your eyes and even in 3D. With our intuitive kitchen planner, you can easily move all the elements of your future kitchen in the virtual room, allowing you to start the first steps of your kitchen design at home.

Of course the individual possibilities with our planning tool, there are no limits, so you can decide freely and completely according to your own ideas, which details you attach particular importance to kitchen planning. Depending on your needs, our kitchen planner allows you to choose different options regarding storage space, shape and interior of your kitchen, thus gaining a more concrete picture of your personal kitchen architecture. The large selection of different design options ensures that your kitchen design is not only practical, but also visually meets all your individual requirements. For this reason, our kitchen planner is particularly useful if you are still hesitant about the future design of your kitchen, or if you are interested in several design options.

With our kitchen planner, you can view the design options in question again in 3D, with the desired configurations, and in the right dimensions, making it much easier to decide on a specific design. Of course, you can save the kitchen you have designed in our planning tool in high-resolution and in full screen, if you want to reconsider different aspects of your dream kitchen.

With the ALNO kitchen planner, we facilitate your way to your individual kitchen design.