"This is absolutely not what we expected..."

This was the most used phrase of our visitors on A30 Hausmesse in Löhne.

ALNO ensures a protected sales margin for their business partners by offering more than 400 varieties for doors and panels The product families “Originals” and “Tailor” offer the widest range of different materials in melamine to ceramic to create an interational top design. Originals are high value materials including veneer, glass, ceramic or laquer with or without metal frames additional to continuous doors and high gloss front panels in RAL or NCS. The tailor concept offers a unique flexibility in design with edged doors. A combination of 50 front panel materials and 6 different edgings define a never seen range of possibilities.


The tailor concept offers a unique flexibility in design with edged doors. A combination of 50 front panel materials and 6 different edgings define a never seen range of possibilities.


ALNOSPACE is a new concept to connect all furniture within a room with an opporunity to wire them up with electricity.. It is also possible to follow up the design in other spaces like living room and dining room. The one room solution in its compact unusual design had a very positive feedback due to endless new possibilies.

As a sign of Neue Alno’s environmental awareness and sustainable living our CEO Thomas Kresser and the mayor Bernd Poggemöller, planted a winter lime tree in front of the kitchen brands Löhne showroom at the Cube30. True to the Neue Alno claim MADE FOR LIFE, this planting in Löhne underlines the regional attachment to the core city of kitchens as an international brand.


WE at ALNO want to say “Thank you very much” to all visitors of the CUBE30. We look forward to visiting you and “expanding your expectations”.



The combination of ALNOATTRACT and the ALNOSPACE system enables the creation of a unique, delicate constellation. The main characters in this skilfully harmonious interplay are structured wooden surfaces, vertical rib features and delicate plaques made of subtly shimmering matte metal. These features form the common supports for combinations of cabinets, panels and glass and cupboard shelves. The infinite lighting options that can be integrated into the metal profiles of the ALNOSPACE system provide the perfect finishing touch to the concept.



Those with big plans are best served by the generously equipped ALNOART PRO. Whether in stylish smoked glass cabinets with black metal frames or behind the myriad of metallic-look glass fronts, this kitchen offers space for everything – even self-realisa tion. In keeping with this, special attention was also given to the creation of a unique colour scheme, which is perfectly enhanced by the mocha black marbled worktops.



Through the unification of robustness and aesthetics, the ALNOCERA exudes maximum functionality and an intricate passion for detail. While the diverse cupboard options offer endless storage possibilities for appliances and supplies, stylish colours, ceramic surfaces and pocket doors make it a real eye-catcher.

unique room concept


The ALNOSPACE system presents a unique combination of all demands that define our everyday life. Whether as a home office, for cooking together around the ALNOSPACE module or as a functional room divider, the flexible interior design options provide space for all desires. Delicate black metal plaques open up the space three-dimensionally, using cabinet elements, bar, glass display cabinets, floating shelves and wooden or glass shelving to take functionality and atmosphere into a new dimension.

Antique Oak meets High-Gloss Graphite


Despite its calm appearance, the ALNOSIGN thrives on its sophisticated contrasts. It combines premium multi-lacquered elements and genuine antique oak with a natural wooden texture. The units themselves all offer optimum storage space, whereas the LeMans swivel shelves enable ergonomic access, all the way down into the bottom corner of the base unit.

Unique Variety for more Individuality


The playful and varied arrangements of the ALNOATTRACT harmonise perfectly with the smoke-grey elements of the ALNOSTRUCT, with the finishing touches coming courtesy of a mix of smoked glass, antique oak and bronze highlights. Welcome to the perfect meeting place for old friends and the very latest design trends.

Martitime Design in High-Gloss White


Even the most tumultuous of days comes to an end eventually – and where better than in the ALNOMARECUCINA. From the glass surface with integrated lighting through to the walnut worktop, it simply oozes maritime flair. The design concept is complemented by chrome-plated finished and functional inlays, not to mention white, high-gloss lacquer.

Perfect union in wood and metal

Alnoplan / Alnosund

Who concentrates on essentials has more of life. Minimalism and aesthetics harmonize with each other in our ALNOPLAN / ALNOSUND: Natural oak decor meets dark metal details, filigree wall units and consistent lines.

Pure Relaxation for Eyes and Mind


We all need to take a hard-earned break from the stresses of daily life. That’s why the ALNOCERA Convinta offers pure relaxation – for your eyes and your mind. Its dark, finely textured ceramic surfaces are reminiscent of time spent in the great outdoors, whereas the gold-coloured details fill the room with warmth, giving it a subtle undertone, and generate a positive atmosphere.

Strength lies in calmness


Once we’ve taken the kids to school, we can take care of the things that we don’t otherwise have time for. Like ourselves. There will always be time for the day-to-day housework, but not necessarily to enjoy peace and quiet at home. So head for the ALNOPLAN and don’t roll your sleeves up, but put your feet up instead.



Alno Catalogue 2020

ALNO is known for its numerous innovations, durable products and as a brand you can trust. A wealth of innovative designs and exquisite kitchen styles await you in our current kitchen catalogue. See for yourself!

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Alno Kitchen Planner

Imagine a room that is completely designed according to your wishes. What’s great about our kitchen planner: your dream kitchen is no longer just a fantasy. Simply plan at leisure any element in 3D and move around the virtual space in your personally designed kitchen.

With the ALNO 3D Kitchen Planner, the sky’s the limit and you can plan all those extras down to the smallest detail.



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