As a sign of Neue Alno’s environmental awareness and sustainable living our former CEO Thomas Kresser and the mayor Bernd Poggemöller, planted a winter lime tree in front of the kitchen brands Löhne showroom at the Cube30. True to the Neue Alno claim MADE FOR LIFE, this planting in Löhne underlines the regional attachment to the core city of kitchens as an international brand.

Here at ALNO, we give our all to get even better every single day. This is the only way that we can continue providing our customers with bespoke kitchens that are a perfect fit with their lives and living space. To make sure that this happens, our master craftspeople draw on their many years of experience and state-of-the-art technologies, as well as exceptional quality management and expertise.

At the same time, we search relentlessly for tomorrow’s most innovative solution in order to set the standard today. This applies both to our technology and our environment. We are therefore absolutely committed to the PEFC-certified use of sustainable resources, allowing us to not only meet the stringent demands of our customers, but our own demands too.


Wherever possible, all wood rests that are left over from production are used for energy. This avoids large amounts of waste and optimally utilizes the raw material wood. Wherever possible we use wood and wood-based materials from sustainable forest management.

Evidence of the PEFC policy is reviewed by independent certification bodies each year.

Since the restart 2019, Alno has focused on the middle to upscale market segment. The sophisticated interior, characterized by international architecture, therefore is increasingly confronted with special demands.

These increasingly international projects have led Alno to convert production to the current CARB 2 material standard.


When it comes to packaging, as far as possible, we avoid using Styrofoam and the carton is easy to dispose of. Its eco-balance is almost neutral because we use recycled material. Old electrical appliances are expertly disposed of in the recycling system, the kitchen sink goes to the scrap metal and all wooden parts are used for environmentally friendly energy production.

Speaking of electrical appliances, it is advisable to pay particular attention to the energy efficiency class and life cycle assessment of the various manufacturers. This saves money and protects the environment.


Whether real wood or ceramic, glass or lacquer - our kitchen fronts are only made of high-quality surface materials. Not only do these materials have unique qualities, they also all have a very special look that can be applied in all sorts of variations to your kitchen as desired.

Even though we work with many different materials, they all have one thing in common: they are perfect for everyday use in the kitchen and are of such high quality that they retain their aesthetics and functionality even after many yea


Craftsmanship, first-class materials and the highest level of technical precision have been the building blocks of our unique success story since day one. For this reason, all our internal work processes - from goods receipt to final assembly - are subject to the highest quality standards in order to guarantee the longevity and reliability of our kitchens.

And this down to the smallest detail, because our focus has always been the wishes and needs that discerning people expect and demand from a kitchen. Therefore, ALNO brand kitchens are always well prepared for any challenge. As you would expect: Made in Germany.